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Savageau Building
Denver, CO

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Property Stats

Property Type: Legacy

Completion: Current

The Savageau Building was designed by Harry W.J. Edbrooke, the renowned Denver architect, in the Mediterranean Revival style. Completed in 1930 with Walgreens as its anchor tenant, its Moorish designs, brightly colored glazed tiles, cusp arches and tiled roofs make the building a true and unrivaled Denver landmark. St. Charles purchased the property in 2017 and subdivided the 10,000-square-foot building into small-format retail, accommodating smaller local businesses and startups.  With more than $1 million of interior and exterior improvements and the renovation of an intimate courtyard tucked away behind the building, the project serves an unmet need in Denver’s competitive retail environment, offering aspiring entrepreneurs a brick-and-mortar entry point.

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