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Brunetti Lofts
Denver, CO

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Property Info

Property Type: Housing

Completion: 2005

In 2004, St. Charles broke ground on its second phase of the former Benjamin Moore site. Brunetti Lofts was St. Charles’ first affordable housing development, which was financed through 9% low-income housing tax credits, grants from the City of Denver and the State of Colorado, and gifts from Mile High United Way, St. Charles’ co-sponsor for the project. The $5 million, 28,400-square-foot building consists of 23 affordable rental units and targets working, single-parent families who have participated in or graduated from a transitional housing program. Completed in 2005, Brunetti Lofts has been described as a transformational housing project because it incorporates a savings support program for residents that is geared toward helping families achieve financial independence and support community building.

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